Hello & Welcome To Multi Demo Master

Multi Demo Master Plugin Will Help You Do this things

  • Create Unlimited Front-end demos in a single wordpress
  • Create Multi Demo Landing Pages
  • Show Floating Demos Bar That Show The Demos that you
    have created in all site pages
  • One Export Demos For Your Customers
  • Let Your customers import demos that you have created with one
    click and they can choose what to import, Exemple : Media, Posts,
    Pages, Options, Post Types, Menus, Home Page

What a demo can have :

Each demo created with multi demo master can have :

  1. Custom home page
  2. Custom navigation menus
  3. Custom background
  4. Custom options and theme mods

Custom Options

The options that you have in your theme can be added to create
custom demos, for exemple if you have an option that generate some
color called ‘principal_color’
you can set a custom value for this option in each demo. Multi Demo
Master is compatible with any options framework and also support
the live customizer options so you can create full demos with our

Create Demos Like You Create A Page

All what you need to create a full functional demo that can be
exported and imported is to centralized in one page

Create Multi Demo Landing Pages

Show your potentiel customers the demos that you have created
in a beautiful way with a full customized multi demo landing pages
builder included with our plugin, here is some exemples :

Export Demos

Export demos with one click, demos that can be imported by
your customers with one click yes.

Import Demos

You will help your customers get the same demos that you have
created easily and with one click.

You customers can choose what to import : Media, Posts, Pages,
Menus, Home Page, Post Types, Options

So if they want to just import theme options like colors and
layouts they can select
‘Settings’ to import just this

The import plugin is included for free with Multi Demo


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